There has been a series of arts workshops in autumn 2013 and spring 2014 alongside sessions for younger people run in partnership with CHAMP Tower Hamlets. You can find info about some of them here:

What we Make of It

Spring series 2014 at the Create Place, London:


The way I make it

Autumn series 2013, London and Bristol.

An introductory arts workshop for people who have a brother or sister with mental health issues. A chance to try making things, explore ideas of things you’d like to make but haven’t yet made them. Share simple writing, drawing and printmaking techniques to get started, including monoprinting, ink and water and automatic writing. No experience or aptitude needed – the processes will get you started.

these are some of the images we made:

Kit list:

Monoprinting: a sheet of glass/ thick plastic, roller, block printing inks, mark making implements.

Ink and water: just that and some brushes!

Automatic writing: paper and pens

All of these things are available from good art shops except the glass, which you can get from a glazier for very little money. They will cut it to the size you want and smooth the edges – don’t forget this bit!

“really enjoyed it!”

“so useful and very therapeutic”

“This art workshop was very beneficial to me. It gave me a lot of creative ideas that I will be taking back to Malta…it made me aware that a lot more needs to be done in my country with regard to siblings”



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