Telling tales: facts, fictions and family mental illness


6 – 7.30pm, Thursday 20th November 2014 at ORTUS.

An interdisciplinary conversation about storytelling, affect, and siblings.

The stories we tell, make us who we are, and in families where there is mental illness the way we do this is poses interesting questions. The way we tell our story may affect someone else’s, there may be multiple perspectives on events, and stories which are deeply confidential.

Come and see new animated short – this skin we’re in, and consider how we talk, tell stories, or don’t, about family mental health, from medical, arts and first person perspectives.

‘Have I betrayed them all again by telling the story? Or is it the other way round: would I have betrayed them if I had not told it?’ Amos Oz.

Dr Ruth Charnock: Affect and sibling relationships: a humanities perspective

 Event write-up South London and Maudsley NHS Trust blog

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